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Poet of the Day : Arundhati Mukherjee

Arundhati Mukherjee   |   Wednesday, 02 June 2021 | Print

Poet of the Day : Arundhati Mukherjee

Arundhati Mukherjee


Arundhati Mukherjee

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16th April 2021, 6th May 2021 and 10th July 2021




Infinite is life’s ocean,
choppy waves quiver thine spirit,
O traveller, worry not,
come on board the boat of faith.
Take the oars of love and devotion,
row, row, row your boat,
O oarsman, stop not,
till you reach the shore.
The boat of faith, the oars thine,
blessed are you with open heart,
let the doors and windows,
of your magnanimous spirit open.
A flood of light enters thine soul,
and soothes and comforts,
be receptive, and thy shall receive,
the grace divine.
Look all around, your family, friends and foe,
your known and unknown,
seek with faith and you shall find,
the light divine shining in each in daily grind.
Trust the light divine, in each soul,
shining bright, and overcome the plight.
O oars man, row the boat of faith,
with oars of love and devotion infinite.
Nothing is more venerable than thy fidelity,
so cross the ocean of life with serendipity,
as when grace showers on you,
everything becomes effortless, success kiss you.




The dawn rises,
from darkness,
just before morn,
shades in sky turn crimson.
The rose from a folded bud,
unfurl amongst thorns as desired,
by the plan of almighty,
we a small spectator of this gaiety.
Birdies chirp, leaves emerge,
sometimes on branches dried or cut.
From oblivion emerge resurrection.
In the grand design,
minuscule human mind,
cannot comprehend the plan behind.
As the dawn unfurls,
from the depth of darkness,
the rosebud unfurls from depth of obscurity,
unfurl and open the doors and windows of your
cognitive ability.
Unquestioning obedience,
to natures providence,
faith in abundance,
hope in exuberance,
is the need of hour,
when we tremor,
at this present disorder.
Order emerges from disorder,
dissolution is a solution,
to questions with confusions,
so hold on to your patience,
be calm and wait for ebullience.




Let all the thoughts,
that gloom my mind and distraught,
Let me accept it all,
and reject none,
but let me redirect it,
to a creative pursuit,
to create the most astounding,
piece of art,
a piece of poetry,
a piece of creation,
to turn poison into medicine.
Acceptance and redirection,
not rejection is the way to salvation,
so let all our creativity be an oblation,
to heal our pain and worried suffocation.

Copyright @ Arundhati Mukherjee




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