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Daily Selected Poems : Badrul Choudhury

Badrul Choudhury   |   Sunday, 17 October 2021 | Print

Daily Selected Poems : Badrul Choudhury

Badrul Choudhury



The beautiful nightfall around the horizon with a full moon
Melting its bloom and fragrance over my soul
stepping into illusion of glory,
passing the time within confusions
drowning in virtue of deep cosmos
while indifferent frontier around me.

Stop me, hunt me within courage of darkness
a beautifying tornado crosses me
and hugging me of its nefarious touch
Ah! passionate steps, indifference barricade
let me crouch, let me wet the desert
I am consuming apathy
I pronounce darkness to reach its lustre.

Oh, my heart needs a comfort
a pleasure on my move
I found nothing but hallucination over my thought.
Let me engulf with the dream to settle,
let me struggle with mirage, and survive.
A perfection never ended with collapse
need endurance in living.





Let’s lit the lights everywhere
Darkness around the globe
Nature has turned the face from us
Pandemic, cyclone, flood, tornado,
typhoon, superstorms and hurricanes
disastrous earth-shaking of the earthquake.
Let’s save the universe,
halt the gruesome cataclysm
Let’s work for climate
Let’s work for green and viridescent nature.
Today, we are stand between chemical compounds and death
We are passing a calamity of Darkside of human behaviour.
Nature turned the face for a reasons
and that is not a norm of the entity!
That’s the ethic inverted.
the so-called human is the evil-doer
Today, we only can raise hands for almighty
nothing than forgiveness.
O’ Lord give the fortune to let us live in peace,
let us live for humanity.

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