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Poet Of The Day: Faruk Ahmed Roni

Faruk Ahmed Roni   |   Saturday, 23 April 2022 | Print

Poet Of The Day: Faruk Ahmed Roni

Faruk Ahmed Roni

Passion Of Legacy
You haven’t seen the sky inside me,
haven’t drunk water from the fountain flowing there!
My breaths spread over the immense earthly desert;
haven’t seen the exhalation of sterile smoke.
How prolonged! No absolute love in the term of adoration.
The enchanting confluence of fire and water!
Today, I will take you to the sky inside me,
spacecraft constantly breaking my rocky thorax
river overflowing with sorrowful bluish water,
I’ll show you today;
mourning soul, pendent petals of despair,
night of new moon in pursuit of light breaks the oath of loyalty.
I will show you the dreams that perish of mortality,
the rigid time those are cherished!
Today I will show you everything;
how the clouds froze in the sky.
and grieves evaporate again,
You will witness; my gloom, my dreams,
yet illuminated polar footpath!
You will see the hell in my ribscase,
yet, a beauty of endowed vigour,
I will take you there, a place of eternal joy
where you can take a dip to poach the happiness
infinite enduring time with no moan…
the expanse of inheritance.
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Posted 5:55 pm | Saturday, 23 April 2022 |

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