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Daily Selected Poems : Veronica Roma Pingol

Veronica Roma Pingol   |   Thursday, 19 August 2021 | Print

Daily Selected Poems : Veronica Roma Pingol

Veronica Roma Pingol

Love of the Moon


I’m longing for the hope to escape from my cage
To unlock and be with the wind
To place and kiss the sky
To light and brighten your sorrowful night.
Please free me to a barricade of loneliness
Give me the freedom to see the whole sea
Let the night birds fly around me
Let the couples stare and love me.
I wish to be there up above to a place where I
Let me spend my time giving compassion to
anyone in mourn
Let me amaze someone by looking at my torch
To feel the love and sympathy that I owned.
I want to be part of every love story
Even on their sad story
To be there in every life story
So I can create my own story.
Give the freedom for me to go up
I miss the stars with my love
Shining together brilliantly
For a better living with harmony.


Copyright@Veronica Roma Pingol


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Posted 11:30 pm | Thursday, 19 August 2021 |

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