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Poetry for Peace: Lyn Ramos V Alfonso

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Poetry for Peace: Lyn Ramos V Alfonso

Lyn Ramos V Alfonso

Lyn Ramos V Alfonso

War and Peace

Every individual has freedom.
Every nation has sovereignty.
When freedom is invaded,
When the laws of sovereignty are violated,
Conflicts arise and when unsettled
Wars can’t be avoided.
Wars cause so much devastations,
damages to lives and resources,
Traumas and fears to both warring nations and people.
And the lives of the future generation become uncertain.
No one really emerges victorious in wars
One may have won the battle
But both parties would suffer the after-effects
The lives of the fallen heroes could never be replaced.
How could we condole the families and help them
To pick up the pieces of broken hearts and shattered dreams?
Time, consider the time we need to recovery
To rebuild temples and structures that were blasted
Let’s all wake up to a better day
It’s time to settle conflicts amicably.
It’s time to respect everyone’s freedom and sovereignty
For the world to live in harmony and peace,
For better humanity,
For the future of our children,
Let’s end all wars
Let’s give peace and harmony a chance.


© Lyn Ramos V Alfonso

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