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Poet of the Day : Refik Martinović

Refik Martinović   |   Tuesday, 13 July 2021 | Print

Poet of the Day : Refik Martinović

Refik Martinović


Refik Martinović

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12th July 2021


Hide the wind

You are the most beautiful
in the early evenings
when the winds die
and when light
play with shadows
on your face.
You are the most beautiful
when they are at rest
and do not sing sad sonatas
they are already hiding
in the sunsets
in the red twilight
who escort the birds
which are like silhouettes
bathing in waves
red sky
on its rapids
of my chaste looks.
You are the most beautiful
when you are silent in silence
from which they emerge
your smiles that are
fluttering in whispers
your steps
like that day
when I first met you
in the linden scent of my street
when my heart
pulsed in your deer walks.
When night falls
I will take refuge in the lamps
at the bottom of our alley
to watch you
and I inhale the smells of asphalt after the rain
to caress your curls of blue
in which the innocent sparks of my love breathe
which flutter
in reddish-red
the last rays of the sun
which disappear
where I disappear too
swallowing thirsty distances.
I’d love to tonight
to share sins until dawn
even though I’m with you
I am forever alone
because when the night
bring the morning closer
you are leaving sleep
and my nightmares begin.

Refik Martinović

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Posted 9:43 pm | Tuesday, 13 July 2021 |

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