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Weekly Selected Poems: Gianfranco Aurilio

Gianfranco Aurilio   |   Tuesday, 22 February 2022 | Print

Weekly Selected Poems: Gianfranco Aurilio

Gianfranco Aurilio

The gifts of life

do you hide from me, poetry?
When I look for you
you’re not here,
when I cry out for you
you don’t hear,
when I call you
you run away.
You really remind me of love,
that doesn’t want masters.
Why do you hide from me,
Like the sun behind the fog,
that you never know when it will appear,
like a comet
that quickly whizzes by,
like a feather
at the mercy of the wind,
that seems to settle on your hand
to fly away and disappear.
Why are you hiding, poetry?
Maybe it’s really true
that beautiful things are not found,
they find you.


I have reached
the deepest depths of the oceans
hunting for the rarest pearls,
that my soul preserves
and my body recalls.
I climbed the highest peaks
to get flowers
that no one else
has ever picked.
I filled up
trunks and chests
with essences and perfumes
of spices and fragrances
among regrets and longings
among desires never dormant
among illusions of false loves.
I will continue to live
not to die,
to search
to pretend to find,
to love
to never give up
but you
bewitched my heart.
Copyright@Gianfranco Aurilio
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Posted 3:46 pm | Tuesday, 22 February 2022 |

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