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Global Poet : Nassira Nezzar

Nassira Nezzar   |   Monday, 07 June 2021 | Print

Global Poet : Nassira Nezzar

Nassira Nezzar

-ফাইল ছবি

Poet Nassira Nezzar of Algeria


Nassira Nezzar, a poetess and writer from Algeria, graduated from (University of Guelma) with Bachelor in English Language and Literature. She has a diploma from CNEPD Annaba, as a superior Technician in Tourism (Choice: Touristic guide). She has attestation of success in the Spanish language from a private school and an attestation of presence in the Italian language (CLS). She got two diplomas de honour from Chile. She worked at the University of Guelma- as an English language teacher for 8 years. She worked at the directorate of culture and as an English language teacher at the National Insitute for Vocational training – Guelma-. FAMILIAR STRANGERS Nassira Nezzar has published a book entitled FAMILIAR STRANGERS, a collaboration work with the American author Rob McBride. It’s dedicated to all who believe possible the impossible She participated in different international anthologies. Love is like air-USA-, The Other Side Of The Screen-Poland-, Women Poets -within and beyond shore Vol 1-2 &3-India-, Whispers of Soflay, Verses on Racism, Resistance and Refugee Crisis –India-, Metafora Współczesności –Poland-, participation in an international anthology against Racism by OPA, Contemporary World Poetry, Nuestros Momentos, Love Postcards, Thousand poems to the peace and happiness of humanity, Qué Pasa Contigo Venezuela? –Chile-… She has poems published in the Belgium magazine Galaktika Poetike « ATUNIS » and the Spanish magazine AZAHAR. Nassira is a member of The International Forum For Creativity And Humanity, The International Forum Pentasi B WorldWide Family, The World’s Nations Writers’ Union Kazakhstan, The International Forum Motivational Strips. Nassira Nezzar was awarded in the international forum of Kateb Yassin, awarded on the day of an artist –Algeria-, she also got Alphonso G. Newcomer award 2017 from the USA. And she got the World’s Literary Pearl-Gold category from Motivational Strips, Academy Literary excellence and wisdom. Nassira Nezzar has her own poems on Youtube plus collaborative. She recited different poems in different languages: Arabic, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Turkish.
Nassira Nezzar is an Algerian poetess, and she has one published book entitled Familiar Strangers, which collaborates with an American author. She participated in many international anthologies. She is a member of great international forums. She got rewarded many times from different countries. Nassira is one of the Admin and member of the Global Poet and Poetry web portal’s editorial board.
Nassira Nezzar has a Youtube channel where you could find her poetic collaborations and recitations in different languages can find more works of her writing and about herself on the following website:,


Poetry Nassira Nezzar



I want my poetry to be a melody
asking hearts to dance
I want my poetry to be like a moon Shining with hope at each glance.

I want my poetry to invade hearts peacefully
Not using words like swords and killing the feelings fiercely.

I want my poetry to exist in hearts as a sacred faith
Building bridges of love, not hate

I want my poetry to irrigate the thirsty souls
Opening windows for new goals

I want my poetry to be as a rainbow
Hugging the hearts filled with sorrow

I want my poetry to cross oceans
Overcoming all the differences

I want my poetry to surpass the meaningless earthly things
By believing in God’s miracles and blessings

I want my poetry to be a mirror that reflects sincerity
Sharing the main issues about human and humanity

I want my poetry to be the eyes of truth
kissing the hearts tenderly with no need of proof.



The woman is love, and there’s no love without a woman
She is unique and smart
Her worth surpasses all earthly things
For she is the power of love and giving
The woman is a beautiful rose flourish in fertile hearts
With her presence as a wife, a daughter, a sister, a mother…
You can never feel apart
The woman is not a weakness when you give her the courage to roar
She could serve and sacrifice and reaches her goal.
A woman floats over the clouds of her dreams
And swim in the huge ocean of hope
She brings goodness
She creates opportunities
If you let her fly
She can touch the seventh sky.



Reflections of time stay intact with our soul’s eyes
Hugging mirror images throughout our lives
Translating words from our inside
To be played as musical melody
Chosen by our ears and eyes

On sands of my horizon lay my memories.. my thoughts.
My dreams… my passion
My screams and even my silence..
Following the major and minor chords of existence
Drawn on mirror’s innocent face..
Without judging it through
the cruelty of time or place…



A brilliant dream that I can’t hide
A secret desire waiting inside
want to come out and put all differences aside
We are the sons and daughters of humanity
In our unity lies our pride

Though we differ in color, gender, faith, race
and we live in different places
We are all human beings
Singly, we are nothing
Together, we are everything
Our unique intention should be love and peace
not colors of skins
or killing others on their faith and meaningless sins

If you believe in the unity
Let me feel I’m you, and you’re me
Let’s be the messengers of love and humanity
To build our great world together as one voice, one heart, one soul
one world, one goal
Without selfishness, greed and envy

Let’s all make a recall,
Together we stand
Divided, we fall.


All rights reserve © Poet Nassira Nezzar

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