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Apu Mondal


Apu Mondal

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23rd March 2021,  22nd April 2021 and 18th May 2021


Mythic Truth

I think I am inside
The Titanic ship,
Tapping my feet
To my heart,
Listening to a
Violin concert with
Chandeliers, wine
And women.
How they smiled
At every quarters,
Nodding at notes
Too classic to divine,
And the meal that
Followed with the
Ringing laughter
Of elite ladies who
Smelled of lavender
And raised toasts,
The clink of glass
And fine cutlery.
The fine distilled
Wine, got me dizzy,
I will get myself to
Sleep early, but awake
In time to live with
The tragedy, the cold
Misty waters.


Mother has fever

Today mother hasn’t
Answered our questions,
Steeped in silence,
She cleaned the floors,
Washed the utensils,
And cooked breakfast.
She didn’t even ask
Father to bring those
Items on his way back,
Her face looked usual
And her dimples smiled
Her hair was so well
Combed, we just love it.
We asked for pastries
To take to school for
Lunch, we ate with relish,
When it was time to say
Goodbye, father slowly
Said, “Children, don’t
Trouble your mother
When I am away, she
Has a fever “.And we knew.


Our girls came home

Laughter and giggles
Ice cream and chocolate
Slanting sunrays on hair
Like geese on road
Came the girls home
The doorbell sang aloud
The cat jumped off the
Hanging branches
The dog bent over in love
And grandma cupped her
Palm to gain on her.
These are our lives, our
Own daughters and girls
From our hearts, our pride
And youthful spirits
They come home every
Afternoon bringing back
The whole happy household.
Copyright: Apu Mondal @2021.c.r.
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