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Poet of the Day

Ada Steko


Ada Steko

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21st April 2021, 27th May 2021 and 1st June 2021



I love so much,
but it’s gone.
First looks and kisses,
stars in the sky,
rising sun,
parting just for one moment.
I miss and see in the album of life,
which ran from yesterday to today.
Yesterday you were, today you are gone,
moments left, looks,
the warmth of your hands and the heartbeat,
it was yesterday and today there is nothing left.


The world has gone crazy

The world is very pink,
more than I thought.
Blurred blood, beyond recognition.
The whole world dances and sings,
achievements blooming,
the fields of bile flooded,
the sky of blue,
and the clouds flow through it mysteriously.
The world explodes and looks,
caught up with a thousand thoughts,
with every word thrown,
and a person full of conviction,
that he has mastered the impossible,
is enchanted.
and the world is pink,
more than I thought.
The sun behind the clouds
hiding the face of the pensive,
the flakes of blossomed dreams are flying
they fill the earth.
The universe has gone crazy,
the one rebuilt by humans,
and God is silent and is looking into it.
He will delay execution,
for those beaten, starved,
the unwanted ones he was in
and no one recognized him.


Today’s wind

The wind flips the cards in the notebook,
as if he wanted to hijack written words,
sometimes she reads them a bit slower,
the text is probably impressive.
I immersed in the quietness of being,
miss my world a lot,
listening or not to hear from the side,
and won’t he look here sometime.
Around the peace flooded with sunshine,
blue seems to touch the ground,
and spring is moving fast towards summer
days go by, I pass with them.
Catching every whisper rising,
every sound around made,
I dip my eyes in a flower palette..
crossing my mind the whole field of doe
Trying to hug this whole universe,
in which I have always been looking for fulfilment,
and counting the petals leaves on the trees.
not to miss and go crazy.

Copyright@Ada Steko




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