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Poet of the Day

Ganimete Jakupi Demiri


Ganimete Jakupi Demiri

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17th April 2021 and 17th May 2021



Every time it’s good for you,
You find bad.
In presence look angels,
Behind come out damn.
Mysterious world with different people,
Ungrateful, sloppy.
In your house, they sell like kings
And in their own ears they lower.
All day they walk, mind foreign affairs,
Non-stop without working on their own, others criticized.
Every time you talk to them something allegedly in faith,
Your words will be made for misery.
Every time you rise to life’s successes,
Will definitely denigrate.
These people live on earth, glory in heaven,
They just bring out the mouth.
How many times do they sell you for morality and wealth,
They didn’t leave anything without doing sneaky.
How many mistakes they make, injustices do not accept,
They pretend to be ′′ Victims ′′ among us.
What are these and many others I don’t know,
But life and people always teach them.



This last train left,
The train that shared the fate of two young men,
What destination did he go to?!
One love in half ended.
I got puzzled watching,
The train went quickly on its own rails,
And I was left crying my fate,
For the traveller who left in the infinite!
The cut ticket remained in my hand,
I hadn’t thought of another destination,
The paths of life so divided us,
Two passengers ended up in a separate wagon.
At the waiting station,
Now it will be neither me nor you anymore,
It will be empty ornaments without anyone,
Every one of us looking for a new destiny…

©️ Ganimete Jakupi Demiri, Switzerland

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