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Daily Selected Poems : HB Rita

HB Rita   |   Sunday, 04 July 2021 | Print

Daily Selected Poems : HB Rita

HB Rita

Rules of Nature


In my birthland,
Autumn always trapped my eyes in catkins blooming on the riversides
Different colors of water-lily as white, pink-red sway on the water of ponds
These seem like sparkling stars with their beautiful blooms.
After coming to America, I saw a different form of autumn
I know the image of the leaves of the tree falling in the autumn.
I saw, the Momiji Matsuri leaves Japan for America
I see the bushes at the base of the trees dressed in red-orange-yellow-brown
I see, How the autumn wraps itself in the lap of the cold night.
The dark green in the mountains of Autumn,
Red makes the density of turmeric even brighter.
Suddenly beauty of the empty skeletal trees,
Increase my grief
I feel that our life stories have similarities with the leaves lying under the naked trees,
The leafless tree reminds us, our last days.
There was a time when Palmate, sinuate, used to lying on the sidewalk of Seneca
Ann Nguyen and I picked them up happily
Tripartite was her favorite leaf
When the kids were playing in the school backyard,
We used to pick up tripartite, filled with zip-log.
Over time, the fallen leaves return to the tree in the air
The lost people just don’t come back.
I am fascinated by the infinite beauty of nature
Again I am saddened by its rules.

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