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Daily Selected Poems : Mili Das

Mili Das   |   Sunday, 04 July 2021 | Print

Daily Selected Poems : Mili Das

Mili Das

Precious gem


O, dear!
you are the soft part of my heart,
You are shinner in my obscure inner part,
which enlighten me all over the day.
You are the ink of my pen,
So, I write all affectionate poems.
I feel you are a precious gem of my life.
As you are not made by stone.
You are made by a beautiful tender heart.
You are too superb for me;
bring all the happiness and peace in my life.
You are not like gold
, yet you are the most valuable pearl to me.
You are the joy of beauty
You are the multiple colours of light.
You are the fragrance of sweet flowers.
You are the song of the sweet melodious birds.
You are the pleasant snuggle at the end of fatigues.
You are the twinkling stars in the evening sky.
You are the joy of all days
You are the serenity of my perfume.
You are not like pearl,
yet you are the ideal queen of my life.
You are not like a diamond,
yet I can see a black elegance on your face.
You are not like emerald,
yet your sea green colour flourishes me.
You are delightful and amiable,
like a precious stone that illuminated me all day.
Sometimes you are more precious, and
that impossible to find in this world.
When you are shining like a culmination of gems,
Your dazzling beauty amuses a painter.


Copyright@Mili Das

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Posted 1:32 pm | Sunday, 04 July 2021

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