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Weekly Selected Poem: Fibby Bob Kinney

Fibby Bob Kinney   |   Saturday, 22 January 2022 | Print

Weekly Selected Poem: Fibby Bob Kinney

Fibby Bob Kinney

In Love with my SmartPhone

Today after years of travel,
A thought to me did unravel.
For two years now I’ve had my latest phone;
Every day with it – I do roam.
It occurred to me even on bathroom break;
My Smart Phone with me I take.
It lays with me upon my bed,
As I press its thoughts from my head.
My Smart Phone knows me very well.
Happy or Sad it can tell.
It consoles me when I’m really tired.
It protects me like a bodyguard I’ve hired.
My Smart Phone holds dear all my friends;
Who should I text? It all depends!
It’s there for me to write my poems;
It stores them in their own little homes.
My Smart Phone every day brings me world news;
It allows me to pick and choose…
What I need to know on a daily grind,
My Smart Phone leaves nothing behind.
Could I live without it, I do not know?
If I were a hermit then I could bestow,
A wistful dream for a smart device,
That I could search the world to see what’s nice.
All I know is this poem would be lost,
If my SmartPhone somehow got tossed.
Instead, I write these words totally secure;
For the fervent reader to endure.
Let me say then, to all who agree,
Those that love their Phone as much as me.
Today, after you read this poem’s bliss;
Please, just once, give your Smart Phone a kiss!…fBk
Copyright@Fibby Bob Kinney,USA
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Posted 6:32 pm | Saturday, 22 January 2022 |

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