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Poetry for Peace: Rohit Sharma (Joker)

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Poetry for Peace: Rohit Sharma (Joker)

Rohit Sharma (Joker)

Invisible Tears…

Woman mourning in pathetic tone,
Didn’t let me move on.
Curiosity made home in mind,
how could I be: unkind.
In long hair face hid,

Showed me direction: someone was in need.
I rushed in the direction,
Without any reaction.
Girl in unconscious I got,
To save dignity, she had bravely fought.
Demons did: quell their thirst,

Of lust.
In tore cloth,
A lot of blood flowed.
Unable to walk,
and hardly she could talk.
What made me amaze!!!
No woman; when I gazed
She completely lost in dark,
Made dog: continuous to bark.
This how world will end,
It’s existence: on female depend.
Plea: give respect,
They are the creator of the world: in fact.
For the sake of humanity,
Help to needy, give up your vanity.
That’s all angelic woman taught,
Dedicated: nation’s daughters, my thought.

Copyright@Rohit Sharma (Joker)

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