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Global Poet : Bogdana Gageanu

Bogdana Gageanu   |   Monday, 07 June 2021 | Print

Global Poet : Bogdana Gageanu

Bogdana Gageanu

Bogdana Gageanu of Romania


Bogdana Gageanu is a Romanian well-known poet and playwright. She was born in Câmpina, Romania and had been writing for quite some time. She has published a number of her poetry collection. In 2011, she wrote a play called ‘Do It For Me’, and it has been staged in August at The Culture House in Câmpina.
Her literary and poetry debut started in December 2019. Her poetry collection published in the literary magazine ‘Cenaclul de la Păltiniș’ (The Literary Circle), edited by Elena Moisei and Valentin Leahu.
She was interviewed by the newspapers, literary magazines and attended many literary programmes, including radio shows. She represents the literary platform and recites her own poems, including participating in a poetry marathon organized in Câmpina, Romania.
She had held 3rd place at The Romanian Poetry Contest earlier, and her works and biography been published in a Romanian Anthology called ‘Literary Alpinism’ and many other magazines.
Her poetry has been publishing regularly on web portals and other online platforms, including Global Poetry and Poetry. She has received several international recognition from online poetry and literary competitions.


Poetry by Bogdana Gageanu


The hidden sense of poetry

Poetry is my umbrella
When It’s raining
Poetry is the lifeline
When I am drowning
Poetry is my tree
That gives fruits for everybody.
Poetry is the bird
That flies away from the cage.
Poetry is a beautiful leaf
When the autumn comes.
Poetry is the wind
That’s blowing in my hair.

He’s only asking

He’s only asking why he dies.
The mom does not have an answer
But only broken spaces.

The child is only asking
Buț she keeps running away
This question makes her bleed.

„Where is my father? „is the question
She hates this question,
Buried in a coffin


Cold hearts

This is the winter of cold hearts
That are always playing cards
With the other’s people trust
They leave behind only dust.

This is the winter of cold nights
When compassion and love fights
With the other evil forces
When the soul has to make choices.

This is the winter of cold change
Sometimes, this winter wants revenge
But we can melt it, in some way
When the good people start to pray.

Butterfly in winter

I’m like a butterfly in cold winter
You left me alone, without warmness
I have no wings,
I’m frozen

You killed my dreams,
You killed the summer between us,
You killed my soul,
Disguised in butterfly.


A true leader

You cared about justice
You cared about oppressed people
You sacrificed everything
For your country,
Without any regret.
This is a true leader

A warm tribute to Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman (former president of and farther of the nation of Bangladesh) on his 100th birth anniversary  A collection of poems has been contributed by the Global Poet and Poetry group members.
Poem by Bogdana Gageanu


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