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Poetry for Peace: Shuchi Patra

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Poetry for Peace: Shuchi Patra

Shuchi Patra

Stop all wars, save humanity!

Are we humans, having evolved with brains that have intelligence and a heart that has emotions?
We are humans, the highest level of Gods creation having a heart full of love, compassion and kindness…
Then why so much hatred and violence?
Why the bloodthirsty, peace destroying monsters is man becoming?
War, what does it cause and to what gain?
Thousands rendered homeless, blood, smoke and pieces of flesh…
Blasts and guns, missiles and fighter planes and jets…
Children’s cries, mothers wails, rivers of blood and tears…
For what? Destroying our own brothers and sisters?
Do we grow tall in God’s eyes or fall into deeper pits of sin,
Being sucked further down into bogs and marshes of hell…
All will be punished for these sins…in the courts of our Lord…
Then why, for what do we wage wars…
For racial hatred, for patches of land, for supremacy over our own brothers and sisters?
Let’s stop this inhuman bloodshed,
Let’s stop all violence…
Let’s listen to our inner light and voice of peace, love…
We are all one…from the same father…
He is the same in us All…
We are meant to live in peace, serenity and bliss…
Our world will be a paradise, and our creator proud of his creation…
Let us stop all wars, save humanity !!!

Copyright@Shuchi Patra


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Posted 10:28 pm | Saturday, 05 June 2021 |

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