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Daily Selected Poesm: Pantas Pangihutan S

Pantas Pangihutan S   |   Thursday, 11 November 2021 | Print

Daily Selected Poesm: Pantas Pangihutan S

Pantas Pangihutan S

I’m just a dot on the sheets of history
I’m just a newcomer, a stranger
who will disappear one day
dissipate with sun-set, blown by the wind;
to add historical records
to ink the unspoken argot
looking for a guiding-light beyond the solar-eclipse
I’m just a dot on the sheets of history
explored the deep valleys
till the culmination of earth of Himalaya
oared through the rivers of Amazon
sailed through the deadly freak-waves of South Africa
dived into Zulu sea, submerged deeply…
I endured the violent storms
ready to die, but still alive, the amazing grace saved me
uncountable scars on my back, on my face
recorded above the clouds…
I read the traces that almost erased
and connected to the eternal dot
as what am I living for – temporal?
I’m just a dot in history
to change a dot in me
looking for the other two dots
to complete into three dots
Second dot: looking for eternal love, never break it
where the doves flock in peace…
third dot: to seek my factual Creator
as so many replicas, man-made, I know it
don’t tell me why
needless to say, I gonna walk away…
Stay with me, or I’ll miss you
we’re at the same boat longs for shore
looking at the eternal heavenly light
the needed three dots to complete, it’s a must, my duty;
as the chance just once
getting ready to go home, eternal home, peace forever
abandon the mirage, forget the past…
in-transit… left my fragile treasury here
ready to fly, to where my Father is, I’ll be there… !
Copyright@Pantas Pangihutan S
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Posted 7:53 pm | Thursday, 11 November 2021 |

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