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Daily Selected Poems : Farhana Sait

Farhana Sait   |   Thursday, 15 July 2021 | Print

Daily Selected Poems : Farhana Sait

Farhana Sait

Blooms of Resplendence!


Extravagant choice despite ages,
A plethora facing challenges.
Drowning in megalomania,
Intoxicated without rum like a mania.
Is this a state of splendour?
Deemed with a budtender!!
A fire without burning flames,
Love paved way for high aims.
Ghosts seen by few,
Widely spoken as a subject to view,
Hiding the love is the tradition,
A grandeur to achieve the ambition.
The moments to wait,
The moments of thoughts,
The sleepless nights,
The restless days,
The low, shy gaze!!
The traits of grandeur of love!!
A concoction between the mind and heart,
Soul fulfilled with the colourful blooms.
Every season carrying the best weather,
Auspiciously when two hearts beat together!!
Garlands of sacred blessings,
Grandeur of love habitating
A glorious share of life,
A blissful start to splendour!


Copyright@Farhana Sait

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Posted 11:24 am | Thursday, 15 July 2021 |

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