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Alan Liew


Alan Liew

The Best Poem and Poet of the Day

19th March 2021


The Ripples

A rivulet that flows
Down to the valley low
Meandering in dense forest,
Burbling a harmonic chorus.
When water dashes the pebbles,
Along with water, dance the bubbles.
Splash, pop and hop
Into scattered drops.
When heart to heart meets,
Ripples of my blood evaporate,
To boil an euphonic melody
And with love, they vibrate.
O sweetie, my blood dances
Like the ripples of that river
Cruising on forever
To the ocean of our sensuous devotion. 



A Star Of Peace

A wondrous star emits its brilliancy
Gloriously upon a mountain’s crest,
Casting its light from heavenly breast.
It giggles, and blinks at oceanic unrest
Telling the tides to be serene and calm
Whistling the lyrics of celestial psalms.
This star beams a dream of peace
Unveiling an euphony of ethereal bliss.
There, dance a dolphin and a fish
In friendly fashion, they smile at the star.
Behold, you are brightly beaming afar
We perceive you next to red planet Mars.
This star blinks at the turmoil night
Perceiving some grievous sights
That painfully hurt its eyes  
Mournful and awfully sad.
The star is paving me its strength
Why can’t I, the human, make it glad.
This star of compassion and strength
Light a solace to terminate my grief,
Are you inviting me to eradicate my pain ?
To become not an insane
But a man of civic and balanced mind
Just like you tingling in the sky.
Perhaps I should hang on to the light
Allow its radiance to make me strong
Then fill my heart with this holy song
And my spirit will be tranquil and still
And a lovely vista of the fabulous star
That’s now upon the scenic, craggy hill.

Copyright@Alan Liew

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