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Birthday Wish : Poet Mili Das

Mili Das   |   Saturday, 10 July 2021 | Print

Birthday Wish : Poet Mili Das

Mili Das

Hope of light


A writer learns and acquaintances many things for a long time.
They use their knowledge as guidance and philosophy.
Life may struggle and maybe in the dark.
But a pen soldier can show the direction of the path
how to eliminate the darkness.
Being able we present ourselves in the right approach at the right time
No one can teach these.
The inner glow of flame can not be seen from the outside
which lies inside the human heart.
When we will unleash the light of knowledge
the darkness will disappear
Our nurture is the symbol of truth
that bring us rays of light,
By lit a candle that illuminates the dark
In the same genre, our society illuminates the light of knowledge.
From the society to the burg,
From the city to the realm,
From a country to the universe will be illuminated one day,
The knowledge is dazzling light, only need to ignite
and let reflect the humanity
The poet is a blossom of lightness,
they spectacle the light of hope.


Copyright@Mili Das

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Posted 4:59 pm | Saturday, 10 July 2021 |

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