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Daily Selected Poems : Tandra Mishra

Tandra Mishra   |   Tuesday, 27 April 2021 | Print

Daily Selected Poems : Tandra Mishra

Tandra Mishra

A Heavenly Gift
A heavenly gift I received on the day you were born.
The tumultuous sky suddenly becomes quiet and calm.
I was dull, barren; Full of thorns was my land.
Your arrival pours sangfroid and removes all the sand.
Now the fertile land produces many crops every year,
Feeding many people and fulfilling many’s desires.
How benevolent Lord Shiva is in fulfilling everyone’s wish!
To feel you, to see you, to touch you, my Miss!

Gracious is the world where you’ve stepped in.
I’ve brought you to live and grow the faith within.
When the bell rang in the temple and announced me;
The morning flower has bloomed already,
The eyes of mine knew no words except tears.
The carmine heart now throbs more & more only in pairs.


I, A Female Foetus

It would be good if I were not born.
I would not get heartbeat nor any breath for night and morn.
It would be good if my remains were not found anywhere on the earth.
It would be good if I were not welcomed on the earth.
If the earth is not suitable for a lady to live freely, peacefully, independently,
It is good to destroy the whole community.
If the soil becomes impure with my arrival,
If the earth becomes dirty with my footfall,
If all the rituals, all the systems are made
Only to feel me every time that I am inferior or less granted,
It is good to bury me before my coming.
Protecting a soul from womb blooming.
At least that’s how one soul could be saved From the feeling of burning insult done every minute.
I too like to see, from heaven only.
How many days and months can this earth survive without me?



When the sun kisses you

When the Sun kisses you,
The gentle wind touches your cheeks
Your neck, nose and eyes,
And tender rays, its warmth, pour on you,
You dare not walk, nor move a single step.
You just stop at a place and enjoy the wind’s gesture
You hear the rhythms of the sunlight tender.
When it flows through your matured body and the bodyshape.
The warmth, the unusuality, the ecstatic view,
Give you the best feel what you longing for a day new.
The green, back to you, invites you to sit in its lap.
You can’t deny its call, can’t avoid there to have a nap.
You hold all your visits, all your purpose and your journey postponed,
You come, and for the green’s cordial call, you respond.
Now the eyes get blessed to see,
The wide green with a thick grove around thee.
Who cares, who cares for the noisy and chaotic world?
This scenario, this view occupy you when to your mind it crawled.
You have the supreme feeling when the breeze touches your lips,
That gives you ecstasy and gifts you peace.


Oh, Lady!


O lady, why have you turned your face?
What makes you so low and feel valueless?

Why are you looking at the empty sky?
And at the grey mountain and the mist with a great sigh?
What are you angry at?
What makes you so sad?

Don’t you want to see the world behind you?
Does it break you with the dream growing in you?

Or, is it the question about your virginity?
Is anyone doubt you by making this priority?
If it is, show the world with pride.
You are a lady, and you have all human right.

The world should know virginity can not be lost by sex only.
The hymen can be broken through heavy exercise or lifting things heavily.

This is a modern world with more knowledge and scientific proof.
Read them and make others read the truth to prove.

Don’t be disheartened, the world is yours.
Be bulletproof, face it with your big deep eyes.

Live here with grace, with your all dreams.
Make them come true, holding the knowledge-arms.

The world is yours too, embrace it with your high value.
Come, turn your face, do life continue.


Copyright@Tandra Mishra, India.

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