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Poet of the Day : Bijayananda Mishra

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Poet of the Day : Bijayananda Mishra

Bijayananda Mishra


Bijayananda Mishra

Best Poem and Poet of the Day

20th April 2021 and 15th May 2021



Human dreams O’ Lord, build,
Build heaven on a realm yield,
Pyramid of peace n happiness,
Prosper civilizations n impress

Indomitable courage halt river,
Magnificent dams control here,
Expanses arid land turns to gold,
Bountiful earth toil spirit bold,

Bridge unites chasm n a gorge,
Wide faith custom races merge,
Citadel of opulence luxury rest,
Myriad modern ideas manifest,

Yearlong festive moments etch,
Celebrations wrought life fetch,
Jubilant heart, aspirant mind,
Weave intarsia of memory find,

Unseen sick, soul, sorrows here,
Pain, troubles, greed, ego n fear,
Human-mind love live only short,
Reject evil nature freedoms most,

Tolerance cooperation, build trust,
Endure difficulties little faith rust,
Human utopia exists in the world,
Deadly a disease no cure untold,

Surreal existence creeps if mind,
Unaware self dark minds rewind,
Simple O’ Lord, human doubt all,
If, but, perhaps, I guess enthrall,

Least, end discussion thought lot,
Grow suspicion doubt reject most,
City of distrust rules ego hideous,
Evil natures sprout let realm loss,

Loss, happiness, peace, joy health
Loss, truth, faith, amity love wealth,
Loss heaven’s paradise lives wreck,
Earthquake of epidemic sick break,

Anarchy anger plot gruesome drama,
Answer Lord, your plays an enigma,
A mute spectator watches everything,
Deaf, lack listen to cries of help sing.

A sea of prayers dries soon n tears,
Blind, ruinous precious life n fears,
Admit, the guilt of conscience bites,
Burns paradise tragic cremate rites.

The mountain of mercy, melt heart,
Omnipresent of forgiveness do react,
Instil divine faith bridge trust solid,
Resurrect from dark mind in squalid.

Surge wave of devotion surrender all,
Human life epitome of sacrifice enrol,
Life learn lessons renews dream full,
Abode of Your Lord, our heaven mull,

Human utopia, your creations shout,
Help us mend by sequestering doubt.
Godchild I am opens a doubtful mind,
Filter, if, buts mind betrays be kind



Love ignorance wise remove,
Happy in life careless prove,
Least seek glamour fortune,
Ambiguous in life a tribune,
Ignoramus in world destiny,
Fortunate exist name many,
Beggar destitute thief rogue,

Never seen parent or school,
Daily works hard labor cool,
Meager wage satiate hunger,
Roadside, midnight shelter,
Companion sleeps too near,
Street dog for men call dear,
Share food play often better,
Sickness cripples life bitter

Know temples never invite,
Lit with lamp flower bright,
Décors Idol lit scented stick,
A devotee prays pleads meek,
Worship offers sweet meals,
Outside waits offered deals,
Watch n thinks God of them,
Festivals if least overwhelm

Hunger feeble limb trembles,
Summer heat, body wriggles,
Rain come sudden soaks lot,
Homeless endures all effort,
Occasional temple bells ring,
Laugh happy comment sting,
Affect little see dawn to dusk,
The earth grows corn n husk,
Corn for people Lord provide,
Exist like husk, world divide,

Watch funeral procession lot,
Bark dear friend irk thought,
Time to visit us know mortal,
None find in tears story total,
Rare visitor heart in remorse,
Utterly confuse sad of course,
Birth of self questions succor,
God ever forgets to deprive more,
Snatch parents early if mercy,
Bestow destitute, discourtesy,
Loves a life melt morning dew,
Meet Him in disguise help few,
The human body heard God reside,
Life in the street ever His divide,

Never feel sad say if God curse,
Sever in fever breathless course,
Guess breathe may never repeat,
Melancholic solitude dues remit,
End crowd gather in commotion,
Coins n cover vogue invocation.

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