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Most prestigious Bengali literary award received by poet Asad Mannan

Asad Mannan   |   Monday, 24 January 2022 | Print

Most prestigious Bengali literary award received by poet Asad Mannan

Asad Mannan

Bangla Academy Literature Award 2021

Poet Asad Mannan received the best honourary recognition of Bengali literature from Bangladesh Government, Bangla Academy Award 2021.
The Bangla Academy Literature Award 2021 has been awarded to fifteen individual poets and writers, and among them, poet Asad Mannan has received the award in the category of poetry. Poet Asad Mannan was born on 3 November 1957, in Sandwip, Chittagong, Bangladesh; he is a well known and famous name in Bengali literature. He is one of the most influential poets of the seventies, and his style prioritizes his poetry weaving process. The creation of his circle in Bengali poetry can undoubtedly be called a polarization. He has an impeccable position along with a special place in the Bengali language and poetry that is enviable. His poems have played a leading role in Bangladesh’s political and social movement.

So far, he has 16 anthologies, some of the most acclaimed, including Sundar Dakṣine Thake, Saiẏada Banser Phula, Ditiya Jonmer Dike, Bhalobasha Aguner Nadi, Yei Pare Par Nei Shei Pare Firbe Nadi, Marubhumi Sapna Deke Jol, He Andha Joler Raja, Joler Sanai, Kuyasha Opekka kore Ache Asa, Tini Pita Mrityhina, Eliga Mujib Namey, etc.
He has also composed some exquisite and notable proses that have been written and published over the years.

He started his career as a teacher in 1981, and he served as the Director-General of Bangladesh Television from 2014 to 2016. He has also worked in the Planning Commission department as a Divisional Commissioner, further, he has achieved promotion to Additional Secretary, and Secretary. After retiring, he has been working for the Bangladesh Public Service Commission since 24 June 2018.

In recognition of his literary work, he was awarded the ‘Bangladesh Parishad Sahitya Puraskar’ twice in a row in 1978, the Jibanananda Das Award in 2007 and the Kabikunj Padak in the year 2012. This time he has been honoured with the highest recognition in Bengali literature.
“Foreign vultures on the shoulder of foreign dogs
History killed at the hands of a prostitute’s son
There is a fire burning water of Jamuna
Ram followed Hanuman at front
Demon Ravana kidnaps Sita
Bangabhaban will be in Tungipara. ”

The above stanza of that poignant poem was written on 16 August 1975 (‘Sahasa Agun Jwale Jamuna Jale)’, immediately after the tragic assassination of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu, the president of Bangladesh. The poem became the most famous verse against assassination. This was his significant starting point in the arena of Bengali poetry.
He achieved his awards for poetry, but his literary genius has been instrumental in establishing him as a poet in Bengali Literature at a pretty young age.

The following poets and writers were awarded this year for their contributions to the Bengali literature; Poet Asad Mannan and poet Bimal Guha (Poetry); Jharna Rahman, Bishwajit Chowdhury (Literature); Hosenuddin Hossain (Essay/Research); Aminur Rahman, Rafik-um-Munir Chowdhury (Translation); Sadhana Ahmed (Drama); Rafikur Rashid (Children’s Literature); Panna Kaiser (Liberation War).

The Global and Shikor family would like to congratulate all of the acclaimed writers and awardees for contributing to Bengali Literature and their achievement.


Poems by Asad Mannan



A blood-stained word, a bullet, a rose.
Palestine, Palestine
When looking afar from sight of the chest,  worldly memory
Flame of fire, burning dream — a bloody dream
Playing the game day-night to win over deaths
Freedom-loving heroic woman,  my deary Palestine, Palestine.
Above the sky: the star burning, moon and sunrise being burning
Burning Arabian peninsula underneath
My beloved bloody Gaza and Jerusalem.
I’m nowhere; attached with nothing
Not in music
Not in the charm of women
Nor the field or the market
Not in the king and vassal treaty
How can I be a brother? Is it possible!
The heartbreaking cries of an orphan Arabian child
My chest being burned with that blooded child.
A sky Palestine, everyone’s favourite Palestine.
I am here with Bangladesh of 1971 on my shoulder
I’m standing
A grenade of death in my hand, a word
My eyes touched the hottest tears of the childless mother in the chest of the desert.
A bloody yolk of the morning:
Palestine, Palestine.
Now I am standing in every inch of land in Bangladesh
Now I am standing on every inch of water in Bangladesh
Strength and courage of standing are my only weapons:
Bangladesh and Palestine …


Lockdown 1


The birds are flying to destine,
and the cow staring afar;
But humans are not able to observe…
How the people will see…
One of their eyes
Stuck on surveillance;
The other eye has pounced away
by the birds.
People are blind now,
People don’t see humans anymore.


Lockdown 2


Inside the corpse
A dead man
And inside the man
A living dead body.
Dead people and living corpses
Who’s related to whom…
Funeral pyre burning at a distance
Burns to ashes at the pyre
but a pair of skulls found,
They did not burn
What is the secret to not being burned?
started an argument for the reason
Four jobless guards
Involved in the contention
and started a fearsome fight
Once at the end
Killed each other
They fell together asleep in the grave.


Lockdown 3


The noise-weary siren playing
A crazy ambulance rushing spurt
like the firing of a cannonball
Someone at imperceptible
The flowers falling from the garden in fear
I’m scared, … why?
without telling anyone
Shall I get to sleep quietly?

No, no
The sleep is the death’s twin brothers…
Ah! since how long
I am out of light and sunshine
Let’s keep the door closed
Remove the curtain from the window
I want light
Let the sun come out.


Translatd by Faruk Ahmed Roni

Copyright@Asad Mannan



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