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Poetry for Peace: Mariana Kiss

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Poetry for Peace: Mariana Kiss

Mariana Kiss

Let PEACE Flow in Cascades


Stop! Stop the carnage!
Stop the war machines that are darkening the planet
Bleeding the Earth with innocent blood!
Stop starving cries,
scared of children without parents
And of the parents left without children!
Stop the guns roaring in the stillness of the night, deafening us!
Stop the planes from the bellies of which fall mercilessly,
Destroying everything in their path!
The streets are crying from so much pain …
Only many die and without defence…
Nobody hears their cries …
Their prayers remain unanswered, floating between heaven and earth
Raise the red and ragged curtain!
Let the sun’s rays in,
Wipe the tears from their cheeks furrowed by them …
Gather your destructive arsenal.
Let PEACE flow in cascades all over the world.

Copyright@Mariana Kiss

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